Trout and the Angels keep talking about deal said for about $150M

Mike Trout and the Angels are continuing to discuss a megadeal that would keep the star outfielder in Los Angeles for at least six years and set salary records for a player that isn't even arbitration eligible.

Word is, the discussions are serious as the sides continue to work hard to try to hammer out a deal that would buy out at least two free agent years -- though sources cautioned during the day that things can change and "nothing is imminent."

The first report surfaced two days ago suggesting the possibility of a deal in the range of $150 million over six years in a report on Yahoo! Sports by Jeff Passan. Sources confirm that figure is at the very least in the ballpark of what's being discussed, and may in fact be right on target as the sides try to work through the deal.

The deal very likely would set a record for Trout's arbitration years and quite possibly the free-agent years on the back end, as well. Crosstown Dodgers star Clayton Kershaw has the highest annual salary of $30.7 million at present.

Trout, only 22, isn't arbitration eligible this year, so the Angels could technically renew him at a lower figure then sign a new extension on top of that so as not to affect their luxury-tax number. If the deal is for six years, Trout would become a free agent again at 28.

Trout finished second to Miguel Cabrera in MVP voting in each of his first two years in the American League.

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