TRUE FACT: Cubs won 2015 World Series in 'Back to the Future 2'

As you are surely aware, the Cubs not so very long ago swung a trade for catcher Miguel Montero and then followed that up by landing coveted free agent hurler Jon Lester. All this after bringing in Joe Maddon to oversee the nearly completed rebuilding process. 

Given all these facts -- and given the bullish estimations going around insofar as the Cubs' future outlook is concerned -- it's worth recalling that Hollywood, California, U.S.A, has already spoken on this matter. As the good folks at Big League Stew remind us, the Cubs won the 2015 World Series, at least according to Back to the Future 2, which is a movie some people have watched, possibly of their own volition. 

Here's an action-news refresher ... 

OK, so they can't technically play Miami in the World Series, but otherwise I see no reason to doubt that this is absolutely how the 2015 will play out. True Hollywood Fact.

Developing! Actually, it's not developing, given that the ultimate outcome has been written in the stars. Congratulations, Cubs. 

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