Tweet of the day: Joe Maddon on Rays not retaliating

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Saturday, Tigers superstar Miguel Cabrera got a little chin music from Rays closer Fernando Rodney. Cabrera was angered and in the post-game press conference, Tigers manager Jim Leyland specifically said, "there's a price to pay for that."

Sunday, in the first inning, Tigers starter Rick Porcello hit Ben Zobrist with a pitch. With Evan Longoria out due to an injury, Zobrist qualifies as the Rays' best player. So this was obviously a retaliation. As to the Rays retaliating to said retaliation, they did not. And here's why, said Rays manager Joe Maddon:

The late Mario Puzo was a writer well known for his mafia novels, including The Godfather, and was a screenwriter on all three Godfather movies.

So let's attempt to decipher this. Is Maddon suggesting the Rays are going to bide their time before striking -- a la Michael Corleone taking out Moe Greene and the other New York dons? The two teams don't play again this season, so if the Rays dotted Cabrera next year, surely the pitcher wouldn't be ejected.

My other thought is keeping everything in the family. So the Rays won't say anything to outsiders?

Otherwise it's tough to tell what he means, but it's still pretty cool to throw a Godfather reference on Twitter.

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