TWEETS: Cardinals' minor-league team gets abandoned by bus driver

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Members of the rookie-league Johnson City (TN) Cardinals probably don't need any reminders that they're not yet in the big leagues, but Friday presented a rather harsh one nonetheless. Not long after getting swept by the Greeneville Astros, this befell the young men in question ... 

Hmm. That's a fairly serious accusation. Can we get a confirmation?

OK. So, um, why?

That seems ... contrary to the stated duties of the job, no?

Right. So now what?

That seems like a long time. Here's hoping the civil order doesn't begin to erode. 


#PrayingforJC. Any word from on high yet?

OK. What about that on-call replacement bus driver?


In a just world, this would entitle the victimized young men to a chartered flight next time. Alas and alack, this is the minors, where justice is a stranger.

In the future, we prescribe reduced shower times in tandem with increased levels of bus-driver patience. 

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