Minnesota Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson took petty to a new level Thursday afternoon. In the sixth inning against the Chicago White Sox (GameTracker), Donaldson had words with home plate umpire Dan Bellino because he disagreed with a strike call. He then hit a home run after the at-bat continued, but he was still upset about the strike call.

As he crossed home plate, Donaldson kicked dirt on the plate -- he kicked dirt on it as he crossed the plate, then he went back to kick even more dirt on it -- which led to Bellino ejecting him. Getting ejected during a home run? That's a new one. Here's the video:

Veteran move there by Donaldson, making sure he touched home plate so the run counted before really going after it and getting ejected. That's what former MVPs do.

Bad calls happen, and I reckon most hitters would move on from the disagreement with the umpire after going deep. You won that battle, as much as any player can win a battle with an umpire. Instead, Donaldson felt he had a point to make, and he sure made it as he rounded the bases.

Thursday's game is pretty important, it should be noted. The Twins and White Sox are both locked into postseason spots, but Chicago is only two games up in the AL Central. A division title ensures homefield advantage in the Wild Card Series. Right now, the Twins are starting down a first round matchup with (gulp) the Yankees.