Manny Machado's agent has called reports of a seven-year contract offer by the Chicago White Sox to his client "completely wrong," but does that mean the big-name free agent is no longer likely to land in Chicago?

Not according to some Twitter sleuths.

As @ChiSoxFanMike shared Thursday night, Machado appeared to join good friend Jon Jay and brother-in-law Yonder Alonso for some recent California workouts, and fellow fans are convinced that Machado did so while wearing a White Sox hat. (Gasp!) Two men, one of them with a resemblance to Machado, can be seen standing at a batting cage in an Instagram video posted by Alonso's wife, and while one of the men is very clearly wearing a White Sox hat, the other one -- the Machado lookalike -- simply appears to be wearing the same thing.

No one has confirmed that it is, in fact, Machado in the video or that the hat he's wearing represents the White Sox.

But if Alonso's wife truly posted the video, which she did, then the story isn't too hard to believe. Both Alonso and Jay, remember, were acquired by Chicago this offseason in not-so-subtle attempts to lure Machado to the Windy City. And all three have been known to train together. If the mystery man in the video actually is Machado, it sure looks like he's rocking Sox gear.

For now, fans across baseball are left to stew in the continued hysteria of these seemingly endless sweepstakes.

Machado has paid visits to the White Sox, New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies as one of MLB's biggest names available. Yet even with such a headlining finish to the 2018 season, which he began with the Baltimore Orioles and finished with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the infielder has not exactly lit the league on fire with his free-agency tour. The consensus is that he and fellow star Bryce Harper are generational talents on the open market, but rumors about where each will end up have so far appeared to be more smoke than fire.