Although Monday afternoon housed the trade deadline, some of the day's biggest news came after the fact, when word spread that Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig wasn't on the team's flight to Colorado. The story got wild from there, with Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reporting that Puig had thrown a fit after being informed he would be traded or demoted ... only to later withdraw that account of what happened.

To help you understand just what did and didn't go down, we've decided to address a few questions about the situation.

Nothing is boring with Yasiel Puig around. USATSI

Did Puig storm off after learning he would be traded or demoted?

No. Rosenthal's original report indicated Puig left the stadium in a fuss after being informed of the Dodgers' decision. Yet the Dodgers and Puig's agent have since clarified that Puig never showed up to the ballpark -- on the team's insistence. Here's what Puig's agent, Adam Katz, said:

"I'm told he never went to the park," Katz said. "The club informed me and the player understood clearly that they were making every effort to trade him and that if they were unable to come to terms with another club on a trade -- and successful in acquiring another outfielder -- that he likely would be demoted. My understanding is that transaction will happen tomorrow."

Rosenthal later apologized for his error.

Is Puig being a good sport?

You might think Puig would take this slip-up personally -- it comes at a bad time and paints him in a less-than-great light -- but he reacted to Rosenthal's misstep the way all of us would prefer people react to our gaffes: with empathy and some humor. Here's a Twitter exchange between the two:

Commend Puig for his maturity and understanding, and Rosenthal for his professionalism -- not that you'd expect anything less on that end.

So what's next for Puig and the Dodgers?

There are a few ways this plays out over the next few weeks. The most practical is that Puig reports to the minors and tries working his way back into the Dodgers' good graces. The less practical is he's traded.

For the latter to happen, Puig would have to clear waivers. If Puig doesn't, the Dodgers then have three choices: 1) work out a trade with the claiming team; 2) allow the claiming team to acquire Puig without compensation; or 3) pull Puig off waivers.

It's worth noting that most every player is exposed to waivers during August, so don't read too far into it if and when Puig is placed on them, because it's possible any potential Puig deal won't occur until the offseason.

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