Undisputed Photo of the Day: Pirate 'ship' in McCovey Cove

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The tied-for-first-place Pirates are enjoying an overdue renaissance in 2013, and that, of course, has led to boundless enthusiasm on the part of their rooters.

The four-game weekend series against the Giants in San Francisco, although mildly disappointing for the Pirates on the field, provided the latest and arguably greatest opportunity for fans of the Buccos to fly their own personal Jolly Rogers. 

Take this swashbuckling example ... 

That, friends, is a Pirate ship invading the high seas of McCovey Cove, and that, friends, is your undisputed photo of the day. 

I have no doubt that the modest skiff you see beating a hasty retreat is about to be overtaken, looted and sunk, all to the tune of a profane and buccaneering sea chantey. The soon-to-be-severed heads of both captain and first mate will surely swing from the bowsprit as a warning to all other vessels who might resist the depredations of this mighty corsair. 

The oceans and the current standings, you see, belong to a landlocked industrial city in Western Pennsylvania. 

(Wink of CBS eyepatch: Reddit Baseball)

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