Unidentified owners fly in to meet Max Scherzer's agent Scott Boras

SAN DIEGO -- Two unnamed owners traveled to the baseball Winter Meetings to meet with Max Scherzer's agent, Scott Boras, offsite Tuesday, as the market for the top free agent is beginning to percolate.

Those owners are unidentified, but the Scherzer market will start to develop in earnest now that the other top free-agent pitcher, Jon Lester, is off the board, signed with the Cubs for $155 milion over six years.

Scherzer is aiming much higher than that, which has been known for a long time; he turned down $144 million over six years from the Tigers.

The losers in the Lester derby -- the Giants, Red Sox and Dodgers -- could all be candidates to sign Scherzer, with the Giants the one team in that group certain to seriously look into it. The Yankees have been mulling Lester, too, the Cardinals are interested, and the Tigers may consider getting back in, as well.

There was a report Detroit was going to be aggressive in going back after Scherzer, though it was denied by Tigers president Dave Dombrowski.

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