Video: Bad call in Game 5 of Japan Series

Game 5 of the Japan Series between the Nippon Ham Fighters and Yomiuri Giants was marred by a terrible missed call by the umpiring crew.

In the pitch you can view below, it was ruled that the batter was hit in the head. Thus, not only did he get first base, but -- due to a Nippon Professional Baseball rule about "dangerous" pitches -- Fighters pitcher Kazuhito Tadano was ejected from the game. Here it is:

(Note: I'd leave your sound off unless you speak Japanese)

The other thing that baffles me is how long the umpires just stand around having a discussion with the Fighters' manager. At some point either eject him or tell him to get back in the dugout. That was, quite literally, a five-minute delay -- though it does give me to chance to break out this line: They could have easily watched replay and gotten the call correct in that time.

Also, that's a helluva acting job by the batter to hold his head and start screaming. From what I can tell, nothing ever even touches his head. It didn't even look like his head hit the ground on his fall.

It's worth noting that the Giants were leading 5-2 at the time and ended up winning the game 10-2. Still, an awful call is an awful call and this is the biggest stage for that league. For the full game story, hop on over to (it's in English).

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