VIDEO: Benches clear in Milwaukee after Carlos Gomez slide

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In the eighth inning of an eventual 9-2 win by the Brewers over the Nationals in Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon, benches cleared briefly after Carlos Gomez took out Kevin Frandsen on a force play at second base.

Here it is:

Gomez had been hit by a pitch prior to the play, though it didn't seem to have much malice to it. Earlier in the game, Gomez tripled, but he didn't really do anything that should have made his opponents angry (watch the triple on by clicking here).

So, I have to say, I'm as surprised about Ian Desmond's reaction as Carlos Gomez seems to be.

Here's what Desmond had to say, via

"I just told him I didn't agree with the way he slid into second base with a seven-run lead," he said. "I've defended that guy in a lot of clubhouse arguments. I respect the way he plays the game, but I've got no respect for that. If he thinks he got drilled on purpose by our pitcher making his major league debut, to take it out on a guy who has grinded his butt off to make a major league career in Kevin Frandsen - what if he potentially ends his career right there? In a World Series game, you slide like that. In a seven-run differential game, there's no time for that. I think if you're going to defend that, I've got no respect for you if you can defend that. ...

"He said it's a clean play. And I said I disagree."

I'm not sure I agree with Desmond's line of thinking. It's OK to ruin someone's career in a World Series game? A clean play is a clean play and a dirty play is a dirty play. The score doesn't all of a sudden make something either acceptable or unacceptable when we're talking about a safety issue. If you think that what Gomez did above was a dirty play, don't say it would have been OK in the World Series. That ruins the argument.

As for Gomez's response? He said Desmond liked his shoes (via Todd Rosiak on Twitter).

I'm sure that'll go over well with the Internet Fun Police who have already decided they hate Gomez. Just take deep breaths, IFP, and remember baseball is supposed to be fun.

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