VIDEO: Bo Porter, Jed Lowrie have words following bunt attempt

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The Athletics walloped the Astros on Friday night, scoring seven runs in the first inning and cruising to an easy 11-3 win. In his second at-bat of the first inning, A's shortstop Jed Lowrie tried to lay down a bunt to beat the shift with his team already up 7-0.

In his next trip to the plate, righty Paul Clemens came inside with several pitches against Lowrie, including one pitch that went right through his legs. Lowrie flew out to end the inning but was not happy about being thrown at, exchanging words with former teammate and double play partner Jose Altuve. That's when Astros manager Bo Porter came out of the dugout and got involved:

Looks like Porter told Lowrie to "go back to shortstop" and presumably stop talking to his players. After the game, Porter told reporters that "nothing happened, the game takes care of itself." Here is what Lowrie told's Jane Lee:

"I just don't understand why he came out in such a rage," Lowrie said. "I understand if he didn't like the fact I bunted. If we're talking about the eighth inning, of course I'm not going to bunt, but they're giving me that by playing the shift and, as a competitive guy, I'm trying to help my team win.

"We're talking about the first inning of a Major League game. These games are important, and there's a lot on the line. I think, at one point, they were one swing away from being two runs down. So if I get on base there and we pick up a couple more runs, that's important."

Trying to bunt for a hit in a blowout is against baseball's many unwritten rules, the rules that are generally so stupid that no one writes them down because they don't want to read how stupid they really are. As a manager, Porter can't come out of the dugout to engage an opposing player like that, especially since the chat between Lowrie and Altuve didn't look like much of anything.

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