VIDEO, CHIPPINESS: Benches clear in Red Sox-Rays game

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In the course of the Rays' 8-5 win over the Red Sox on Sunday (Boston's 10th consecutive loss, it should be noted), this happened ...

To hear the broadcasters and context tell it, some defenders of the Red Sox shield took umbrage at Yunel Escobar's taking off for third with a five-run lead in the seventh.

There are quite a few unwritten rules with which I take exception, but this is among the most juvenile. This isn't Little League. This is professional baseball played at the highest level in the world. If you would prefer a player not take to wing with a five-run lead, then you should give due consideration to preventing said player from reaching base in the first place. Also, a five-run lead in the seventh is hardly insurmountable.

Assuming there's not more to the story here -- and regarding the slings, arrows and base-running of Mr. Escobar -- I would present to the Red Sox the wise counsel of the Internet Crab of Stoicism and His Cigarette ...

Developing! Maybe ...

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