VIDEO: Earl Weaver's greatest argument

Nobody argued quite like the Earl of Baltimore. (Getty Images)

Among the late Earl Weaver's many skills as a manager was this prominent and highly entertaining one: bringing hell down on the men in blue.

That Weaver seemed to argue without ceasing didn't dampen the ferocity with which he argued. You shall soon see this. That's because we're about to link to a video that is, without question, the greatest manager-vs.-umpire fracas in the history of history.

But know that, since this is Earl Weaver and these were different (better?) times, the language is not remotely safe for work (unless you happen to work on the killing floor of a profanity factory).

Turn the volume down if supervisors or children are in earshot, but please do celebrate Earl Weaver's life and work by giving this a view and listen. You will not regret having done so.

R.I.P., Earl Weaver. Baseball will never see your likes again, and that's too bad for us.

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