VIDEO EVIDENCE: Billy Hamilton caught stealing for first time

The first backstop to ever catch Billy Hamilton stealing at the big-league level wasn't Yadier Molina or Russell Martin. It was 23-year-old Mets rookie Juan Centeno -- who was appearing Wednesday in just his second career game.

Here's the footage:

I'm not sure we can ever factually say a throw is "perfect," but that's damn close. Great throw by the kid, good for him.

Hamilton was previously 13-of-13 on stolen base attempts during his first month in the show.

This one was a big deal, too. Hamilton was trying to get into scoring position in a game the Reds eventually lost, 1-0.

Funny sidenote: Centeno had previously faced only one stolen base attempt. Buster Posey, who successfully stole second against Centeno last Wednesday (6-of-10 in his career on stolen base attempts in 452 games).

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