VIDEO: Fan chants 'overrated'; Derek Jeter doubles

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MINNEAPOLIS -- In first at-bat of his final All-Star Game, Yankees legend Derek Jeter responded to a lone "overrated!" chant as follows (be sure to click on the speaker icon in the upper left-hand corner for audio) ... 

That would be a ringing, opposite-field double, and that would be a fitting at-bat by Jeter, who's of course set to retire after the 2014 season. 

Look, if you insist on impugning the man then perhaps dial it down to a "possibly overrated by a narrow segment of Yankee fans but still unassailably an all-time great!" chant. It actually rolls off the tongue. You'd be surprised. 

UPDATE: Here's the full video of Minnesota's ovation for Jeter and his double:

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