VIDEO: First test in new replay system shows little delay

Knober: New replay system will work

As my colleague Danny Knobler wrote Tuesday night (see above link!), the Arizona Fall League is testing out the new replay for MLB, which will be implemented next season. There are still those who are against replay because they love the "human element," but it seems that most against replay bemoan how much of a delay each replay will cause and how much time will be added to games.

Well, if the first challenge is any indication, that argument will fall by the wayside rather quickly:

Obviously every play won't be ruled on this quickly, but can we compare that to how long players and managers delay the game by arguing with umpires after big, close calls?

Also, this is about as close as it gets ...

... and it still didn't take them a while.

Another bang-bang play later in the game was reviewed and the conclusion was reached just as quickly. Hopefully the MLB transition is this swift.

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