VIDEO: Jim Leyland has best kind of dance moves

It’s always awesome when normally stoic managers break from the long, daily grind of the MLB season and actually show some emotion.

Following last night’s AL-Central-clinching 1-0 win over Minnesota, Jim Leyland showed off his emotional side, followed by his lighter side -- trust me, just wait until the 1:20 mark. 

“This was a tough year for the guys because the expectations were so high, and it was almost like we were set up to fail,” Leyland said between tears, following his 700th career victory with Detroit. “I told them don’t get caught up in the expectations. Get caught up in how we’re going to live up those expectations.”

In the middle of his emotional response to leading the Tigers to their third-straight Central Division championship, Leyland was grabbed by veteran OF Torii Hunter and pulled into the champagne-soaked locker room. 

What happened next was just pure gold. 

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