VIDEO: Korea's Hanwha Eagles have robots for fans who can't attend

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Across lots of land and water in South Korea, the Hanwha Eagles (former team of Hyun-Jin Ryu) have gone "next level" by providing robots to stomp and yell unifying chants for those who cannot attend the game in person. 

In this space we tell tales, but we do not tell lies ... 

Game-changer, folks. Game-changer. The hope here is that the robots become self-aware, get drunk on Valvoline and start pincer-grasp/laser fights with visiting robot fans. You could even put a red light bulb on each robot's head so as to indicate when it's getting super-pissed. 

In any event, this sentence -- "At important moments, the Fanbot encourages group cheering" -- is the most creepily utopian baseball-related sequencing of words ever uttered. May it one adorn the flag of every formerly sovereign nation on earth. 

Let us now look forward to being mauled at a urinal by one of these. 

(Wink of CBS eye: @MyKBO)

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