VIDEO: Man in bear costume punches guy in bar, gets sued by Cubs

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Today, we get two reminders that actions have consequences. First, if you remove the head of an unofficial Cubs mascot while in a bar ... 

Then you might wind up on the business end of a straight right hand. (That happened back in April, by the way.)

Second, if you're an unofficial, non-sanctioned Cubs "mascot" and you punch someone in a bar ... 

The Chicago Cubs have filed a lawsuit against a group of people they claim have been dressing in a bogus mascot costume and participating in “inappropriate and unsavory actions” near Wrigley Field, including charging fans for pictures and getting into bar fights.

The Cubs filed the suit in U.S. District Court Friday against John Paul Weier, Patrick Weier and three unnamed individuals who have, the team claims,  been dressing as a “Billy Cub” character in the Wrigleyville area and presenting the character as a representative of the team — without the team’s permission.

Then you might get sued by the team (via CBS Chicago).  

Yes, the Cubs are indeed suing the men behind the "Billy Cub" unofficial mascot, one of whom the Cubs assert is captured above throwing soup-bones at those who assail him. The grounds for the suit is trademark infringement, and the tipping point may have been the April exchange of pleasantries captured above. 

As NBC Chicago notes, there's a brief history of legal wrangling between the Billy Cub mascot conglomerate (the costume is worn by different people at various times) and the Ricketts-era Cubs. Please do note that the previous link contains the sentence, "[T]he offending bear no longer works for him."

Developing, one assumes. 

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