Video: Marlins Park home run feature in action

So this weekend in my marathon session of MLB 12 The Show, I played one game with the Marlins with the expressed goal of hitting a home run, just to see the Red Grooms sculpture in the outfield get put into action.

In the third inning, Hanley Ramirez came through with a bomb and I got to see it in the background. Well, the wait to see the real-life sculpture come to life is over, as this video was recently posted on YouTube of the operational "home run feature."

What I hadn't noticed before was the water shooting up the side and the flapping wins of flamingos -- and then, of course, the rainbow afterglow.

I'm getting really excited to see it in real life. I noted the other day that I'm coming around on the whole thing. Listen, I'm as old-school as anyone -- I'd still like to see a return to the old days of 162 determining the World Series pariticpants, I'm bored of interleague play and hate the DH (despite growing up an AL fan) -- but this is different and fun. I don't want to see something like this in every park, but it's unique and fun. And more than that, it's perfect for Miami. This thing isn't in Fenway or Wrigley -- or even Camden Yards -- it's in the new, modern and over-the-top Miami ballpark. It fits with its surroundings and the new uniforms and colors. I've gone from a hater (I called it a "monstrosity" earlier) to a lover, and I feel OK about that. I could go back, but right now, I think it's fun and I'm itching to make it to South Florida (the first time I've ever said that.) If art makes you think and talk, then it's done its job, even if you don't like it aesthetically.

Here's a video of the artist, Grooms, discussing his creation with the Palm Beach Post:

Hat-tip: Big League Stew

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