VIDEO: MLB reviews count in Tampa Bay, still gets it wrong

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MLB is still working through the issues with the new instant replay system, but one would expect them to get the count correct. I mean, it's not even open to any sort of interpretation. It's just counting, like they do in kindergarten. Still, the game officials appeared to fall short of those expectations in Tampa Bay (aka St. Petersburg) Tuesday night:

(go to the 1:22 mark of the video for the quick sequence of pitches)

It's not difficult to ascertain that the pitch in question here was the maybe-foul-ball, but it seems pretty clear that Yunel Escobar did not make contact with it. Further, the home-plate umpire never made a foul-ball signal and MLB has already weighed in on the matter:

"An error was made when replay officials and supervisors mistakenly thought one of the pitches was a foul ball when it was actually a ball," MLB said in a statement.

For the love of God, MLB, get it together here. People are going to start claiming replay "is ruining baseball" when, in fact, the problem seems to be ineptitude of the people actually reviewing the plays that are obvious to anyone with a pair of functioning eyes.

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