VIDEO: Quintin Berry runs bases, slides into home after AAA ejection

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Quentin Berry has played in the last two World Series -- in 2012 with Detroit and 2013 with Boston -- but right now he's with the Orioles' Triple-A affiliate (Norfolk). He's having a good season in the minors (.310/.382/.433), but that's ancillary for our concerns in the here and now.

Thursday night, Berry was ejected after a ninth-inning single and decided to run around the bases and slide into home plate. Here it is:

As things currently stand, we don't know what Berry was thinking. From the local game story on

Berry was not immediately available for comment after the game. [Norfolk manager Ron] Johnson said he had yet to speak to him about the protest.

"I didn't really have a perspective on it,'' Johnson said when asked what he was thinking during the jaunt. "I was more concerned about the ball game.''

So this isn't exactly taking a bat to the Gatorade cooler, stealing first base or covering home plate with dirt, but it's something new. Give Berry some points for creativity, I guess.

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