VIDEO: Red Sox again angry over replay

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The Red Sox lost to the Rays on Thursday afternoon in the first game of a doubleheader. The final score was 2-1, so this play loomed large, in which Dustin Pedroia was called out at home plate and John Farrell's challenge was unsuccessful:

Keep in mind those are the Red Sox announcers, so if there's any bias there it would be for Boston. I agree with them that one simply can't tell with full certainty whether or not Pedroia touched the plate. I believe that no matter what the on-field call was here, it would have stood. Given that the initial call was out, it had to stand.

I've been critical of replay at several different points during the early-going this season (here, here, here and here), but in this case I feel like they had no choice but to leave the call.

Pedroia and Jake Peavy (who started the game for Boston) disagree, though. From

"Of course he touched the plate," said Peavy, who was watching on television in the clubhouse after being lifted in the top of the seventh. "He slid dirt over the top of the plate and got tagged after the fact. It stinks. I guess it can't be close. If it's close, they seem to stick with the call. It's hard for me to talk without absolutely going off with as many times as it happened in New York (three weeks ago). These (calls) are deciding ballgames. It's extremely frustrating, and we as a whole have got to get our act together because this is a joke. It's embarrassing for fans and everybody to see."


Said Pedroia: "I just don't like the whole inconclusive deal. Replay, you should go check it out and you're either out or safe. I don't know what inconclusive means. Maybe that means someone doesn't want to make a decision."

I can't blame Peavy or Pedroia for wanting the call to go their way -- or for being emotional after losing a close game. The Red Sox have been on the short end of a few mistakes so far in replay (note Peavy's reference to New York), too. Peavy might face a fine for calling it "embarrassing," but otherwise there's little harm in the comments. They're competitors who just lost a close game against a division rival.

On the call, though, I just don't see how it could be overturned. A call can't be reversed on an estimate and I don't believe anyone can objectively, honestly be 100 percent sure Pedroia touched home plate.

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