Video: Ron Swanson and Darryl Philbin want you to buy baseball caps

In another sign that we're moving away from Red Sox-Yankees overload, this year's New Era cap commercial features the second city, with the Cubs and White Sox, as represented by Illinois natives  Nick Offerman (Ron F'n' Swanson from Parks and Recreation) and Craig Robinson (Darryl Philbin of The Office).

Here's the spot:

Last year's commercials featured fellow NBC Thursday night actors John Krasinski of The Office and Alex Baldwin of 30 Rock arguing about the Red Sox and Yankees. As much as I love Ron F'n' Swanson, I'm looking forward to seeing Abed and Troy (Danny Pudi and Donald Glover) of Community make their pitches for the Angels and Dodgers.

Like last year, there will be new commercials featuring the two actors and the rivalry between the two teams. If I'm going to see commercials over and over, at the very least I can look forward to Offerman's awesome mustache being on my TV.

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