VIDEO: Royals fan shows off jiggling, gyrating gut

The Royals are in contention for the first time in years, and some amazing things are happening in Kansas City.

Granted, they still don’t have a great shot at the playoffs (7.1%), but sitting just 2.5 games back in the Wild Card chase has fans ecstatic.

So euphoric, in fact, that 300-pound Jimmy Faseler, of Independence, MO was coerced into a mesmerizing, gyrating gut dance after back-to-back triples in last night’s 7-1 win over Cleveland. Faseler's rendition of the Truffle Shuffle was so good that Yahoo’s Jeff Passan tracked down the unabashed dancer.

“One of the most important things about a dancer is being in control of every extremity,” Faseler said. “I would consider that the fifth extremity.” (I would consider you a first-ballot Hall of Fame fan, Jimmy).  

Faseler calls the move, “Bringing the Thunder,” and it's absolutely reason enough to cheer for the Royals. In fact, I hope Faseler's gut becomes the Royals' version of the rally monkey.  

God bless this guy’s torso. 

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