VIDEO: Stephen Drew, Dustin Pedroia, Jim Joyce make highlight

World Series Game 4: Follow live

ST. LOUIS - In the bottom of the fourth inning, Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew made an outstanding scoop-and-glove flip to second base to barely retire the lead runner. He needed help from Dustin Pedroia and a great call from second base umpire Jim Joyce, though.

And that's precisely what he got. Observe:

There was also a replay from the infield where the cameras caught Pedroia's foot hitting the bag an instant before Jon Jay hit second base. An interesting side note, though, is that Jay would have been safe had he hit the bag with his lead leg.

Many upon viewing the live feed of the game immediately figured the call was missed and Cardinals manager Mike Matheny came out to argue, but the replays showed that Joyce got it right. Well done, Blue.

The Red Sox would get out of the inning without allowing a run and went on to tie the game, 1-1, in the top of the fifth.

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