Video: the Saddest Little Cardinals fan

I remember, as a kid, being inconsolable after Joe Montana found Dwight Clark over Everson Walls in the NFC Championship Game. I cried and cried and cried, and it didn't help that we watched the game at the house of a friend that was an Eagles fan. We all know Eagles fans love Cowboys losses more than Eagles wins. I was inconsolable, and my parents were, rightly, embarrassed by the way that I acted.

Sure, I was 6, but still, it was a little much. I was given a talk about how to react to sports heartbreak and putting sports in their proper place. Of course, that was the early '80s. Parents these days have a different impulse -- turning on the video camera and putting their pouting kids on YouTube.

This phenomenon isn't new; we've seen it before. But every time, I'm amazed more at the parenting decision than I am the kid's heartbreak. The latest child to have his heart broken is this young Cardinals fan:

Buck up, kiddo, the Cardinals won last year, and it could be worse -- you could be a Royals fan.

I will agree with this kid on one thing: The offseason is too long, and I'm ready for next season to start already.

H/T: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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