VIDEO: This, hitters and pitchers, is how you speed up the game

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While I'm not one to complain about baseball's current pace, many others -- some with loud voices -- are very much inclined to do so. So what might a plate encounter look like if the hitter, you know, stayed in the box once he got there and the pitcher, you know, pitched with purpose? It would probably look a little something like this 2012 encounter between Joey Votto of the Reds and the now-retired Derek Lowe of the Indians. Please do witness the pleasing haste therein ... 

That, baseball participants and onlookers, is how things ought to be. Quick mound workers are found here and there, but never do we see a hitter as content as Votto is to just stay where he's supposed to be and take care of his assigned tasks. Kudos, Mr. Votto. 

And the people say: More of this kind of thing, please. 

(Wink of CBS eye: BBTF)

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