VIDEO: White Sox bench coach ejected before game begins

Ump Show alert!

White Sox bench coach Mark Parent went out to exchange lineup cards before Sunday's game against the Rangers. And he was tossed.

We won't know for what until after the game at a minimum -- and we might never find out -- but that's impressively thin skin from the umpire. I've long maintained that there's no reason to throw a guy out, no matter what he says, if he's not showing an umpire up. In this case, had Jerry Layne not made a spectacle of ejecting Parent, no one would have known a cross word had been said.

On the flip-side, a bench coach has to try pretty hard to get tossed before a pitch is thrown, so the best guess is he went after Layne pretty relentlessly for something that happened in the either of the previous two games in the series. I'd place my guess on the jumping off point being a discussion of the ground rules and Parent circling back to this play from Friday night.

My mantra is that for an ejection to take place, one of two parties has to be out of control. Either the ejector or the ejectee. In this case, it may have been both.

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