VIDEO: Yankees' 'Core Four' reunite for first pitch

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Monday marked the home opener for the Yankees, which means there was a media circus around it being the final home opener in the esteemed career of Derek Jeter. There was a pre-game press conference with THE CAPTAIN and other hoopla -- including Jeter joining up with Jorge Posada to catcher simultaneous first pitches from Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera, respectively.

Here it is, for those interested:

That's the famed "Core Four," though as some on Twitter mentioned earlier Monday, isn't Bernie Williams being snubbed a bit on the "Core Four" thing? I guess you could say he was gone prior to the 2009 World Series title and began his career earlier, but he also never left like Pettitte did.

Regardless, that was a great moment for Yankees fans and surely for the normally-stoic Jeter and his pals.

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