Wainwright clears up Mickey Mouse comment: A-Gon heckling upset him

LOS ANGELES – Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright in a brief interview with CBSSports.com cleared up what he was referring to when he told reporters that Adrian Gonzalez was “doing some Mickey Mouse stuff.”

There had been a false assumption Wainwright was upset with Gonzalez’s vociferous celebration while standing on second base after Gonzalez’s RBI double in the Dodgers’ 3-0 victory, Wainwright explained before Game 4. As it turns out, it wasn’t Gonzalez’s celebrating that upset Wainwright. And it wasn’t anything he did while he was standing on second base, either.

Wainwright, a professional and a perfectionist, chalked up the assumptions to “bad reporting.” Wainwright said it with a smile, but he’s right. Wrong assumptions were made here and other places, likely based on the question posed to him, which involved his reaction to Yasiel Puig’s enthusiastic Game 3 celebration.

What annoyed Wainwright actually was Gonzalez heckling him when he got to third base, he explained. “He told me to throw the ball to the backstop when he was at third base,” Wainwright said.

Wainwright said the celebrating didn’t bother him, only the heckling did.

Gonzalez earlier had denied saying anything when he was at second, and apparently that was true.

When asked later, he didn’t deny saying something when he was at third. But this time he said it was Wainwright who misunderstood. Gonzalez said, “Wally (Third base coach Tim Wallach) said, if it’s a curve in the dirt to score. So I was telling myself, curve in the dirt, and score.”

Gonzalez, a very sane player, hasn’t been known to talk to himself before. But he was quick to come up with that explanation.

Gonzalez also was quick to respond Monday night to the "Mickey Mouse" claim, saying, "We are in L.A. So Mickey Mouse does go.Mickey Mouse is only an hour away. So, you know, it fits us."

The Cardinals characteristically seem to be past the whole brouhaha.

“We need to worry about ourselves. That’s where our focus should be,” Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak said, speaking generally about reactions to other team’s celebrations and the like. “Part of the reason for the success of this organization is that’s what we’ve always done. We go about our own business.”

Mozeliak chalked up different perceptions about rowdy on-field celebrations to “a generational thing.”


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