Warning: Mayonnaise can be hazardous to your health

Mark Buehrle

If someone offers to make you a sandwich, you always say yes. It's an undeniable fact that a sandwich tastes better if someone else makes it. Marlins left-hander Mark Buehrle learned the hard way.

Last season Giants reliever Jeremy Affeldt cut his hand when using a knife to separate frozen hamburger patties -- Buehrle may have topped him. Buehrle cut his thumb trying to open a jar of mayonnaise on Thursday, hours before facing the Reds.

"I came in to make a sandwich and they said, 'You know we have people who can make sandwiches for you,'" Buehrle told the Palm Beach Post. "(I said) 'I'm a grown man, I can make my own sandwich.' It was just a complete freak thing."

Buehrle said he'd be fine for his next start, Thursday in Philadelphia.

Buehrle said he was thinking about his thumb during the first inning of Thursday's 4-0 loss to the Reds. He gave up a run on a walk, a hit, a hit batter and a sacrifice fly. He only allowed two runs on seven hits in six innings overall.

"The ball sat right there, a couple of times I would move my thumb forward just thinking I don't want to rip it or hurt it even worse," Buehrle told the newspaper. "Once I realized I'm all over the place, walking guys and hitting guys, I said, 'screw it. I got to deal with it.'"

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