Warriors' Steve Kerr stumps for Giants to sign free agent Bryce Harper: 'I'd love it if he came here'

Bryce Harper looks like he'll be a free agent as pitchers and catchers report to spring training, as no deep rumors have emerged about which teams he prefers to sign with. However, Warriors coach Steve Kerr knows where Harper should go. Kerr wants Harper to join him in the Bay, making a last-minute pitch for Harper to sign with the Giants as he met with NBA reporters on Sunday.

It's a little awkward, given that the Warriors are leaving Oakland to go to Chase Arena in San Francisco, but Kerr seems ready for his new city. He even seems to have picked up some tampering tricks from Magic Johnson, the President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers. Not that MLB didn't take notice.

Kerr was asked about Harper joining the Giants, and he seemed taken aback, asking if the reporter was "starting rumors." 

"I'd love it if Bryce Harper came here," Kerr continued, according to 95.7 The Game in the Bay Area. "So does my opinion matter?"

It's a simple message: "Bryce, come to the Giants, let's go," but it carries some weight coming from Kerr.

The Warriors, of course, have won three of the last four NBA championships, whereas the Giants haven't made the playoffs in the past two seasons. Harper is a franchise-changer, that much is well-known, but someone needs to pony up for him first. It could well end up being the Giants, but they're far from the only team in the mix.

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