WATCH: 7-foot-1 pitcher Loek van Mil gets final out for Netherlands in WBC win

Most athletes over seven-feet tall are in the basketball world, but there’s one pro baseball player. His name is Loek van Mil and last season he was in the Dutch Major League. He was in the Twins, Angels, Indians and Reds systems for the past decade, even appearing in five games for Triple-A Rochester (Twins) last year. He’s also on the Netherlands’ World Baseball Classic team and recorded the final out on Tuesday in Korea vs. Korea: 

(WBC Roundup for more information)

It seems like he’d look a lot more out of place on the mound, no? Still, that embrace with the catcher sums up his immense height. 

Van Mil never made the majors, but he would have been the tallest pitcher of all-time, standing 7-foot-1. As things stand, the tallest player in MLB history was pitcher Jon Rauch, at 6-foot-11. 

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