WATCH: Aaron Judge hits monster home run nearly to Yankee Stadium concourse

Tuesday night, the red-hot New York Yankees saw their eight-game winning streak snapped by the Chicago White Sox (CWS 4, NYY 1). That is the longest winning streak by any team so far this year, and no other team has even won more than five games in a row.

The Yankees got right back on the horse Wednesday night, blowing out those same White Sox in the series finale at Yankee Stadium (NYY 9, CWS 1). Right fielder Aaron Judge helped his team with this long solo home run more than halfway way up the left-field bleachers. Check this thing out:

Goodness. That nearly landed on the concourse, where the Yankees have their flagpoles.

When Judge connects, you can tell right away whether the ball is leaving the yard. The only question is how far it'll go. That man does not hit cheap home runs. His teammates are constantly amazed:

Here is the Statcast data on Judge's latest moonshot:

There have been seven balls hit 116-plus mph in baseball this season. Judge has three of them. He's also hit one 115.9 mph.

The best part of Judge's home runs are his high-fives with infielder Ronald Torreyes. Judge is listed at 6-foot-7. Torreyes is listed at 5-foot-8. Torreyes usually comes up with a creative way to get high enough to high-five Judge. On Wednesday, he used the bench:

I love the dismount. Torreyes just completely disappears into the depths of the dugout. Those two should star in a roommates sitcom.

You can catch up on all the action from around MLB on Wednesday here.

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