WATCH: Adam Jones explains Fenway racism incident in a video for his son

Earlier this month, Orioles outfielder Adam Jones said that, during the course of his team's win over the Red Sox in Fenway, he had peanuts thrown at him and was called the n-word on multiple occasions. The Red Sox issued an apology to Jones and the next night the Fenway crowd greeted Jones with a standing ovation. Since then, Jones has been generous and frank in discussing what happened and his general experiences as a black ballplayer. 

To further those efforts, Jones, on the pages of The Players' Tribune, elaborated on what happened at Fenway and did so for a special purpose. He writes: 

What is he going to make of all that? Deep down, are people good? Are they bad? How should he see the world? He's too young to fully understand now, so I sat down and recorded this video so that, years from now, when he looks up what happened, he hears it from his father.

"He" is Jones' three-year-old son, and Jones is understandably concerned about what his son will think once he's old enough to learn of the full scope of what happened. Now here's the video in which Jones tells him himself ... 

Here's hoping this is the first and last time Jones has to explain something like this to his son. 

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