It's nearly May and without any Major League Baseball due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans are hungry for any kind of new baseball highlights. Luckily, the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL), which is based in Taiwan, kicked its season last week after a month-long delay due to COVID-19. Luckily, the league has already managed to provide plenty of meaningful baseball highlights.

On Sunday, in a rare moment for the CPBL, the Fubon Guardians and the Rakuten Monkeys provided another first for professional baseball in 2020: the initial benches-clearing incident of the year. The Monkeys took issue with Guardians right-hander Henry Sosa pitch location in the bottom of the fourth inning. With two outs, Sosa threw three straight inside fastballs, and then he drilled Monkeys second baseman Kuo Yen-Wen in the lower back. 

Here's a look at the benches-clearing brawl, and the pitches that led to it:

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and no one was ejected either as a result. Although, to be honest, it's probably not ideal to be getting so close to others during this time of social distancing.

The CPBL has been playing its games without any fans in the stands, but the Monkeys have incorporated robot fans at their games. They got their money's worth on Sunday.