WATCH: Braves, Brewers benches clear after Carlos Gomez HR trot

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So Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez stepped in to face Braves starter Paul Maholm in the first inning on Wednesday night. Then this happened (in case the video below isn't working, here's the direct link to it) ...  

Yeah, you can't do that, Carlos Gomez. You also can't do that, Brian McCann

This one certainly appears to be mostly on Gomez, but you have to wonder whether something preceded all of this. Gomez almost vengefully swung for the downs on the pitch before he homered and looked quite agitated when he missed and almost fell. One gets the idea that something motivated Gomez's display. With that said, you simply can't pimp a homer to that extent.

On the third hand, the Braves seem to take undue offense at this kind of stuff for a team with their own power hitters who are prone to linger and admire (e.g., Evan Gattis and Justin Upton). 

Bonus GIF!: Carlos Gomez on the brink of madness ... 

More to come, I'm quite sure.  

UPDATE: For what it's worth, Maholm has plunked Gomez twice in 21 career plate appearances against him. It's quite possible that's behind Gomez's outburst.

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