Charlie Brown (no relation) celebrated his 50th Christmas on Monday night and, of course, there was a baseball segment. Charlie Brown's football career will always feature the iconic imagery of Lucy taking away the football before he gets a chance to kick it, and his baseball career always will have the image of Chuck being flipped over (and having his clothes knocked off) by a line drive back to the mound.

Then there's the stats; Charlie Browns baseball teams have lost 942 straight games. Makes the present-day 76ers and the 1988 Baltimore Orioles look like champions of the world. Animator Charles Schultz made Charlie Brown have to overcome "constant failure," as host Kristen Bell put it. 

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Bumgarner (left) and Posey. (ABC)

Out of kindness, the show's producers of the special asked for help, and they heard back from left-hander Madison Bumgarner and catcher Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants, who both offered to tutor Charlie on the finer points of baseball.

Bumgarner: "Charlie Brown! Come to San Francisco, and I'll give you some tips on pitching." 

Posey: "And I'll even try to teach you how to hit."

Together: "Happy anniversary, Charlie Brown."

Aww, thanks, fellas.

Watch the entire special here. There's a lot of Snoopy in it, don't worry.

Charlie Brown pitches
The flying socks are the best part. (ABC/Charles Schultz)

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