WATCH: Christian Vazquez of the Red Sox went to great lengths to foul a ball off

In the seventh inning of Thursday's Red Sox-Brewers match (BOS 4, MIL 1), Boston skipper John Farrell dialed up a hit-and-run with Josh Rutledge on first and a 1-1 count on catcher Christian Vazquez at the plate. 

In hit-and-run terms, the pitch from Jimmy Nelson can be characterized as "both hell and high water" ... 


Yep, pitch No. 3 is low and outside in the extreme. Still and yet, Mr. Vazquez, tasked with putting the bat on the ball come both of those -- i.e., hell, also high water -- did what needed to be done. Please bear unworthy witness to the Foul Ball of the Day ... 

Excelsior! What do you do when you have to protect the runner on a pitch that's not cooperating? You throw your bat at it. 

Throw your bat at any of life's problems, really. That's the lesson here. 

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