NEW YORK -- For only the second time since interleague play was implemented in 1997, the Dodgers are visiting Yankee Stadium this week. They also made a trip to the Bronx in 2013.

Needless to say, more than a few New York-based Dodgers fans made their way to Yankee Stadium for Monday night's series opener. The allegiance runs back generations in this neck of the woods. Many folks are Dodgers fans because their parents or grandparents were Brooklyn Dodgers fans.

In the first inning of Monday's game, all the Dodgers fans made their presence felt with a Yankee Stadium-esque Roll Call for the Dodgers players. Check it out:

The Roll Call is a Yankee Stadium tradition that dates back a long way. Fans in the right field bleachers chant each player's name until he acknowledges with a wave or a fist pump or whatever.

The Dodgers sit atop the NL West and are well on their way to the postseason for the fifth consecutive year. The Yankees are still in the mix for a wild-card spot, so hey, it's not completely impossible Dodgers fans will get another chance to invade Yankee Stadium during the World Series in late October.