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With the Braves holding a one-run lead in the top of the fifth over the Dodgers in Game 7 of the NLCS, Atlanta superstar Freddie Freeman was looking to tack on some insurance. He sent a Blake Treinen pitch deep to right field that had home run distance. The problem for Freeman: Dodgers five-tooler Mookie Betts was in right field. And, well, he said "not on my watch" with his legs and glove. 

Take a look:

That's an eight-foot wall and Betts if 5-foot-9. Have to give props on the well-timed jump, too.

Betts' Game 7 snare wound up being essential to the cause, as the Dodgers eventually prevailed by a score of 4-3. If Betts hadn't pulled that Freeman would-be homer back, then the Dodgers might not be headed to the World Series right now. 

We've seen several highlight-reel plays from Betts and Dodgers center fielder Cody Bellinger during the playoffs at Globe Life Park, including Betts robbing Marcell Ozuna of extra bases in the exact same area of the ballpark in Game 6: 

That one was actually much tougher than the Game 7 theft because it was hit more on a line and Betts didn't have nearly enough time to settle. He was so much more in a rush. Take note of the differences in his reactions. On this one, he went nuts. On the above Game 7 robbery he was much more cool, as if to say, "please, I knew I had that all along."