Tuesday night was a great day for one couple at Yankee Stadium, but it was very nearly a disastrous day.

After the end of the fourth inning, a fan named Andrew proposed to his girlfriend Heather while on the scoreboard. You know, one of those ballpark proposals. The problem? He dropped the ring. Apparently it popped out when he opened the box.

Soon other fans seated in the section and ballpark security were out looking for the ring, all while on the scoreboard. It was more exciting than the game. Good news though: Andrew and Heather found the ring, and he completed a proper proposal. Here's the entire ordeal:

Gosh, that must have been terrifying. Embarrassing and terrifying. Dropping an engagement ring in a ballpark is bad news. They're lucky they got it back. Someone could have quickly picked it up, pocketed it, then made a trip to the ol' pawn shop.

Anyway, congrats to Andrew and Heather. If nothing else, they have one unique engagement story.