WATCH: First pitch at Fenway goes terribly wrong and painfully for one camera man

Ah, the ceremonial first pitch. A baseball tradition. Nowadays, you pretty much never see a ceremonial first pitch unless you are watching the game live or something goes pretty wrong. Think about the 50 Cent debacle in Citi Field, for example. Sure, every once in a while there's a really touching moment and we cover those as well. 

This one qualifies as feel-good, too, because former Dana-Farber Cancer Institute patient Jordan Leandre got to throw out the first pitch in Fenway Park on Wednesday. He's a pediatric cancer survivor. 

On the pitch itself, though, something went wrong: 


Also, this is a pretty incredible catch on the picture from the opposite side: 

In case anyone is worried about Jordan, don't. He was taking it all in stride on Twitter and even had a good sense of humor about it early in the game when Red Sox starter Eduardo Rodriguez was tagged for four runs in the second: 

Also, his Twitter bio includes a quick, "Yes, that was me." 

Atta boy, Jordan. 

As for the camera man: Get well soon, buddy. That's a tough one. 


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