WATCH: Ichiro Suzuki homers in what could be his final at-bat at Safeco Field

Baseball can be truly amazing at times.

Wednesday afternoon, future Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki and his Miami Marlins teammates wrapped up a three-game series with the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field (SEA 10, MIA 5). Ichiro, of course, played the first 11 1/2 seasons of his MLB career in Seattle.

In what could very well be his final career at-bat at his former home ballpark, Ichiro yanked a home run to right field in the ninth inning. Check out this incredible moment and the cheers from the crowd:

That's so awesome. Put that in a movie -- an all-time great returning to his former park and homering his final at-bat -- and people would call it cheesy. See it in real life, and it's amazing.

Here's what Ichiro had to say about the memorably blast following the game, via the Seattle Times:

"It was my last at bat, obviously, and the last chance," he said through his interpreter. "With the game the way it was going, that's what I wanted to hit, right there. I saw the ball go over the fence and I have to pinch myself to make sure that really happened. I feel grateful that happened."

Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager said, "That was a pretty special baseball moment. That was bigger than just this game."

The home run was obviously very cool. Also cool: the dual Mariners-Marlins bobblehead the Mariners gave out to honor Ichiro on Wednesday.

They also honored him with a pregame ceremony Monday, prior to the series opener:

The home run is Ichiro's first ever against the Mariners. It's also his first homer at Safeco Field since April 18, 2012, when he was still playing for them.

Ichiro, now 43, has said he hopes to play until he's 50, and considering he keeps himself in such great shape, he just might do it. The Marlins are not going to visit Safeco Field as part of interleague play for at least another three years though, possibly six.

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