WATCH: In Taiwan, manager bumps ump, ump chokes manager

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There is so much to appreciate about the video that follows.

First and foremost, an argument between Chiung-Lung Huang, manager of the Chinese Professional Baseball League's EDA Rhinos (Manny Ramirez's former team!), and plate ump Brian Kennedy escalates despite the moderating presence of interpreter. Then, Mr. Huang executes a championship chest-bump on Mr. Kennedy, which prompts Mr. Kenndy to, at the very least, go through the motions of delivering a one-hand choke to his adversary. 

Please enjoy!

And for the sake of posterity ... 

OK, you can't do those things, to be sure, but nothing too severe on either side. League discipline will surely suffice. 

But no! Reporteth the China Post:

According to the Chinese-language United Evening News, Kennedy called the police during the fifth-inning break and announced his intention to press charges against Huang.

More than 15 police officers arrived on the scene after Kennedy's call and the coach, back in the ballpark after his departure, suggested he go with the officers to their station to make a written deposition, whereupon Kennedy said he decided not to press charges.

As a precaution, Huang checked into a Taipei hospital to have his throat examined by physicians yesterday morning. His condition remained unclear as of press time.


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