Under more normal, less global-pandemic-y circumstances, Major League Baseball would celebrate the life of Jackie Robinson, the man who broke the sport's color barrier, with every player who takes the field wearing his famous No. 42. This historical milestone is celebrated on the day he made his Major League debut with the Dodgers in 1947.

While the reason why Jackie Robinson is celebrated as a trailblazer may be rather obvious to a typical sports fan, that isn't exactly the case with intelligent people who maybe don't know a whole lot about sports. Case in point, this 'Jeopardy!' contestant gave a less-than-ideal response to a clue about Robinson.

In the off-chance that someone reading this is unaware, Babe Ruth did not, in fact, break baseball's color barrier. While ludicrous questions of whether Ruth was actually black have been asked, and even published in reputable newspapers, it's not likely that this contestant was referencing those arguments, but rather just naming the first old baseball player that popped into her head.

The good news for the contestant is that while she might have committed the kind of mistake that will bring ridicule on Twitter for a day or two, she ultimately gets the last laugh because she ended up winning the episode.