WATCH: Kevin Kiermaier robs Jackie Bradley Jr.; is it the best catch of 2017?

The Red Sox and Rays got together on Friday night at the Trop (BOS-TB GameTracker) and went to extras in what's a pretty important game insofar as the AL East standings are concerned. Chris Sale pitched for Boston, and home runs happened. The highlight of highlights, though, was this miracle snare by Rays fly-catcher Kevin Kiermaier. Please bear unworthy witness ... 

And the people say: Larduhmighty. Kiermaier is rightly regarded as one of the top defensive center fielders in all of baseball, and it's easy to see why. Per Statcast, the average MLB center fielder makes that catch 18 percent of the time, but the average center fielder is not Mr. Kiermaier. Considering the hasty Jackie Bradley Jr. was at the plate, he might've touched home had Kiermaier not come up with it on the dive. Also, note how quickly Kiermaier makes the heave to third. 

Catch of the Year nominee? Yes, in good standing.

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