WATCH: Madison Bumgarner draws pinch-hit walk off Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman vs. Madison Bumgarner.
Aroldis Chapman vs. Madison Bumgarner. ( screen-grab)

We don't often get to witness a pitcher in the role of pinch hitter, and we certainly don't often get to see it against a stud closer like Aroldis Chapman. The unlikeliness of such a move is ramped up due the expansion of September rosters, too. Still, Tuesday in San Francisco, we were treated to Giants ace Madison Bumgarner pinch hitting against Reds fireballer Chapman.

The result was a walk that once was an 0-2 count. Here's the epic face-off, including Bumgarner fighting off a 99 m.p.h., two-strike heater:

Bumgarner helped contribute to a Chapman blown save. He was on base when a run scored due to a bases-loaded hit batsman and then Chapman was gassed in the ninth and gave up the lead, sending the game to extra innings (UPDATE: The Reds did win in the 10th inning, though).

Kudos to Bumgarner, who is now hitting .243/.270/.486 in 74 plate appearances this season.

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